~ a brief biography

Introduced to a great variety of music at an early age, Michael's musical background contains many influences. These include: Elton John, George Winston, Michael Gettel and Lyle Mays (piano); Dan Fogelberg, Robert Holmes, Tommy Emmanuel and Michael Hedges (guitar); Al Green, Daryl Hall, Adam Duritz and Tony Bennett (vocals); Aaron Copland, Franz Reizenstien, Antonio Vivaldi, Pat Metheny, Justin Hayward, Ian Anderson, Andrew McMahon (as well as the above writers - composition).

This list explains the diverse styles Michael tends to work in. What ties these artists together, and serves to inspire Michael, is the importance of melody to their work. His own compositions not only emphasize melody in the forefront, but also in background sections. This creates multiple layers of melody, known as counterpoint. Even drum tracks (deftly provided by longtime drummer/percussionist Chris Brown) contain a melodic quality.

Michael's first three releases (True North, The Road Less Traveled, The Open Door) were comprised of contemporary piano solos. His next effort, Gravity, would include a much larger production, adding orchestra, guitars, drums and vocals. 360, his most recent project, deviates from much of his prior work. But it is actually a return to the various styles of music he both grew up with, and honed his skills on, featuring rock, pop, jazz and folk.


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