As Sweet as the First                        


Sometimes you start to wonder -

ÒWill it ever be the way it seemed

  That it was really meant to beÓ.


Till then, IÕll just hold on to a memory -

Like the final light still shining

  In foreverÕs night.


But donÕt you worry.  No donÕt worry.

I can hold on for forever and never let us go.

And as time it fades into a mist,

IÕm living for the girl whose lips IÕve kissed

  A thousand times,

Each still as sweet as the first.


Who are we to ask for fairytales?

Maybe Ògood as it can beÓ

  Is good enough for you and me.


So weÕll just make another memory

To shine so bright, to keep us

  In our darkest nights.


IÕll be with you; youÕll be with me -

No matter how the wind blows,

No matter how a life goes,

No matter what the future brings

  If it brings more of you to me.