At the Speed that Light Flies


IÕve tried to be your lighthouse

IÕve kept the window lit

But these waves they keep on breaking

And IÕm not ready to admit

That any chance once given

May have carried on the tide

IÕm not sure what to wish for

But I donÕt think we really tried


So I will keep on waiting if thereÕs a chance for us

I donÕt want to be the one to leave

   if thereÕs a dance for us

IÕll keep the love light burning.  IÕll keep searching in your eyes

To be there in an instant

   At the speed that light flies.  (If you realize)


IÕve tried to be your lighthouse

The window is still lit

But the breakers are advancing

And the walls are cracked a bit

Here I stand before you

True but never tried

Unsure if itÕs ahead of us

Or something left behind


And if youÕre trying to find your way home

Just look into these eyes youÕll see you never were alone