This Is the Time of Our Life


After all this time together -

WeÕll never see this clearer when itÕs past.

Cause things in rear view mirrors are not as they appear.

The urgency of now can never last.


Whoa the moment is so near.

Whoa the chances so clear.

Whoa letÕs make this our night! (Whoa this is our night!) 

This is the time of our life!


LetÕs make a playlist of these moments.

Your smile, your voice, everything we feel,

This dance connecting us together.

Someday weÕll want to prove it to ourselves it all was real.


   ThereÕs fire in your eyes

    Feel the passion rise

    All in the blink of an eye

   And everything weÕve done

    Led to this chance that we have won

    To seize this moment tonite